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Imagine where you would be today, personally and professionally, if you, as your 16 year-old self, would have been able to participate in solving actual business problems in an online, gamified forum where it was safe to fail, rapidly sample multiple career paths in week-long increments, and engage with industry mentors who shared their experiences.

Symphony empowers this experience for young people.  We create access to some of the region’s most prominent companies and dynamic startups, incenting students to discover their likes and dislikes, become aware of their soft skills, develop their communication and collaboration abilities, and find a career path that aligns with their personal aspirations. 

At the same time, we provide organizations and communities with valuable, data-driven insights to strategically engage and nurture tomorrow’s workforce, solving the critical workforce problem facing our country today.


As a student-driven, mobile solution Discover Your Genius (DYG) meets young people on a familiar digital medium where they spend their daily life.  DYG makes engagement simple, fun, and fast-paced. We give young people a safe, virtual environment to rapidly ideate, sample multiple careers, and find success through failing fast on a regular basis throughout the year.  DYG enables all of this while providing the thrill of a gamified, future-focused challenge with real prize money at stake. 

Unlike current programs, DYG ignores the limitations of brick-and-mortar, geography, socio-economics, or family status.  Gamification and virtual team interaction make the real-world challenges highly relevant to young people who long for authenticity and desire lasting impact. The companies and organizations who put forth challenges benefit from brand and culture exposure among young people creating wins for all involved. Additionally, we give data and ROI metrics back to our sponsor organizations further informing their strategic workforce planning.

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Symphony Workforce


To empower student-driven discovery of career opportunities uniquely aligned with their personal aspirations; strengthening communities, confronting generational hardship, and ensuring economic futures.

Values/Guiding Principles:

Unto others as to you.
It’s just math.
Iron sharpens iron.
Be curious.

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